ESD Conductive Gloves

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  • ESD Conductive Gloves

    Protect your electronic and electrical workshop with our range of static dissipative gloves with elasticated wrist support.

    We offer Carbon ESD PU Fingertip Coated Gloves, PU Palm Coated Gloves and Plain Knitted ESD Gloves for general use in ESD areas. These gloves come with tip-coating that provides anti-slip grip and avoids fingerprints.

    They are made of foamed polyurethane with 25% carbon yarn, which reduces the generation of dust or fibre particles.

    Our ESD gloves have a surface resistivity of 10^6 to 10^9 even after 100 washes. These conductive gloves are made by seamless knitted structures, making them comfortable to wear.

    A 3D model is used to form gel drops on the hand palm. The finger movement is not restricted in any way in these very comfortable gloves. At a significantly reduced price, they give you increased work efficiency.

    These ESD gloves can be washed at 40 degrees C with neutral detergent, and are reusable many times

    Application and Usage: PCB handling, electronics assembly, chemical engineering, mining, electric power industry, explosive manufacturing.