ESD Matting

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  • 10mm Grounding Studs (100 pack)

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  • ESD Bench Matting

  • ESD Mat Studding Kit

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  • ESD Bench Matting

    We offer a range of ESD bench matting, made of two-layer rubber with a dissipative top and a conductive backing.

    This is a dual-layer static dissipative rubber mat, which has a highly durable work surface for ESD-sensitive environments. The dissipative top layer is resistant to abrasion, heat, solders flux and most commonly-used solvents and can be very easily cleaned and maintained.

    It has a black conductive bottom layer which provides a superior and consistent ground path. This ESD matting meets the requirements of EN61340-5-1 and US ESD Associations ANSI S4.1 and S20.20 guidelines.

    Our ESD bench matting conforms to BS IEC 61340-5-1:

    • Very high flexibility, excellent lay-flat properties, and very high abrasion resistance
    • ESD properties are maintained longer than PVC-based products
    • Excellent heat and solder resistance—many low-cost PVC based rubber mats are not solder proof
    • No curling or deformation and excellent oil resistance
    • No fading in sunlight
    • Excellent detergent resistance without affecting the colour