ESD Mat Studding Kit

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Complete ESD Mat Studding Kit

Simply stud your own mats with this easy to use kit! Punch a hole in the position required (30mm in from the sides is ideal), then place one part of the male stud into the hole then position onto the anvil. Place the second part of the 10mm stud on top, locate the punch over the protruding stud and using several smart blows with a hammer, peen over the rivet to form the stud. Ensure the stud is tight and can not spin for good earth bonding! Kit includes a hole punch, Manual riveting tool and 100 x 10mm male studs.

ESD studs can be damage, corroded or even fall free of the matt completely. This can render the ESD mat essentially useless as it can prevent it from being grounded or included in a path to ground. Often this means a whole new mat needs to be bought. By using a studding kit, any faulty or missing studs can quickly be replaced with out having to replace the whole ESD mat.

All you need is a hammer !

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