Oil Mist Extraction Products

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  • AirBench BD500 Bench

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  • FILTERMIST FX Series Oil Mist Collectors

  • FILTERMIST S Series Oil Mist Collectors

  • Oil Mist Extraction Systems

    Oil mist extraction systems for the capture and removal of Oil and coolant mist from machine tools processes.

    Oil mist extraction filters work by drawing the mist-laden air from the Machine tool into the unit and, using centrifugal force via a cyclone, throwing the heavy oil and solid particles against the interior wall and vanes of the filter.

    As the air rises, the internal chamber narrows, causing the airflow to turn tighter, throwing out smaller and finer particles. The oil is left to run down the inside of the chamber where it is collected for re-use or disposal. The cleaned air is then returned to the workshop, usually from the top of the unit.

    These units can help make your workplace cleaner and safer. Check out our range of oil mist extraction products here.