FILTERMIST S Series Oil Mist Collectors

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    Energy Efficient Oil Mist Extraction: Fitted with either 0.18kW or 0.55kW motors these oil mist filter units are low cost energy users.

    After Filters: All S Series oil mist filters are supplied with high-efficiency After-Filters to purify the exhaust air.

    Stainless Steel: Filtermist S series oil mist are available in standard mild steel construction and also Stainless Steel versions for use in hazardous or corrosive environments.

    Multiple Mounting Options: These oil mist filters are compact, light and are designed to be directly mounted onto the machine tools. Fixing options include floor stands and machine mounting brackets.

    How It Works: A perforated drum with specially designed vanes rotates at high speed. Oil mist is drawn into the unit and impacts on its vanes at high velocity. Special drum pads assist the coalescing process and filter out the stray solid particles. Centrifugal force pushes oil to the unit’s outer case where it drains back to the machine for re-use or collection and clean air is returned to the workshop through the top of the unit.

    • Oil mist is removed from the air by centrifugal impaction
    • Clean oil is returned to machine
    • Clean air is returned to workplace
    • Smoke and fume can be removed and efficiency increased with the addition of a clip-on after-filter

    Optional Accessories:

    • Vortex Pre Filters
    • Compact Cyclones
    • Low Level Stands
    • Floor Stands
    • Machine Tool Stands
    • New Status Monitor
    • Maintenance Kits

    Additional information


    S200 = 9kgs S400 = 14kgs S800 = 15kgs

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    S200 = 260mm x 302mm S400 = 325mm x 401mm S800 = 325mm x 453mm
    Overall fitted height including After Filter; s200 = 470mm, S400 = 470mm, S800 = 515mm
    Height required to remove (mm); S200 = 470mm, S400 = 470mm, S800 = 515mm

    Electrical Data (Voltage)


    Flow Rate

    S200 = 180m3/hr S400 = 425m3/hr S800 = 800m3/hr

    Motor Power


    Noise Level

    S200 = 62dBA S400 = 65dBA S800 = 67dBA


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