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    Whenever your requirements do not directly align with a standardised product, VODEX will work with your team to design a bespoke fume and dust extraction solution for your needs.

    Our employees have high level industry knowledge and technical expertise when it comes to fume and dust extraction. We understand that not every hazard can be resolved using an off-the-shelf product, but with careful planning and consideration, the existing technology can be combined with bespoke elements to ensure your fume and dust extraction requirements are served.

    Our technical team will work with you to understand your application, materials and handling processes to build a custom extraction unit to suit your individual needs.

    With many bespoke solutions, customised parts are often required, including the capacity to create and fabricate custom capture devices and workplace products such as benches and trolleys when necessary. This is why we have developed the ability to manufacture specialist capturing devices, hoods and cabinets.

    Our installation teams are well-versed in planning and designing your system to suit the HSE and COSHH required. This includes circular, rectangular and flat oval ductwork, along with grilles, silencers, fan systems, inline filters, exhaust to atmosphere and filtered extraction units. We can help your team design custom extraction solutions, whether you need small workshop dust extraction systems, mobile dust extraction units or industrial-scale solutions to cater for your exact requirements.

    We provide a technical team that is ready to design the custom solution you need for your application and we’ll ensure that your installation is professionally managed and COSHH LEV certification is secured as a result.

    We are on hand and ready to produce the unique custom extraction system that your processes require to help you operate at maximum efficiency, effectiveness and most importantly to ensure your system is safe for consistent use by your team.

    We take pride in all work that we carry out and also take Health and Safety very seriously. All our staff is regularly trained in their responsibilities and all of our installation engineers hold CSCS/Skill cards and the company is fully insured to carry out its works.

    For more information, please contact us, call the office on +44 (0)1489 899 070 or email us.

    Please remember to include all of your requirements in the email and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your questions, modifications or alternative solutions. Our team is ready and waiting to help you manage your bespoke design and installation project with an end-to-end service.