AirBench BD500 Bench

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The BD500 is a standalone blow down booth designed for cleaning of machined components via an airline into a filtered collection bin. Ideal for cleaning off swarf, grease, cleaning fluid, oil and lubricant.

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The AirBench BD500 Blowdown Booth is designed to allow you to place machined parts on the working surface then, using the integral blow gun, remove excess moisture (coolant and oil) and particles. An integral foot pedal controls both the suction and the air hose; a simple filter and bin system captures drips for easy disposal.

  • Oil Blow Down
  • Degreasing
  • Machine parts cleaning
  • Swarf Clean off
  • Lubricant Blow Down
  • Open Working Area
  • Polycarbonate Screen
  • Airline with jet gun
  • Foot switch activated
  • Only needs 80psi of compressed air

The AirBench BD500 only needs an air supply, which can be connected in seconds. This blow down booth is ideal for locating next to a machining centre to allow operators to clean off parts easily.

The BD500 includes a double pass filter for capturing swarf and debris. Components are cleaned simply by placing them or holding them over the work space of the BD500.

Droplets can be manually blown from parts and into the integral bin. The operator is further protected from blown mist, droplets and debris by the inclusive polycarbonate protective screen

Additional information

Construction Material

Powder Coated Steel (Polycarbonate Screen)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

1480 x 500 x 500mm


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