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VODEX Chemical Storage Cabinet Datasheet

Our freestanding, vented Chemical Storage Cabinets are useful for storage of noxious or odorous chemicals. These cabinets minimize health and environmental risks in handling chemical vapours and residues, VOCs and general laboratory functions.

V420-CSC-86S and V420-CSC-86T Chemical Storage Cabinets

The use of this system ensures that COSHH requirements are met for the safe storage of samples in pathology laboratories. The 860mm wide cabinets are available in two heights, the bench top chemical storage cabinet (CSC-86S) has one shelf, one locking door with clear acrylic windows and is 700mm high overall, whilst the high version

(CSC-86T) is 1800mm tall with 4 shelves and locking doors with acrylic windows.

The cabinet is constantly ventilated to prevent the build up of fumes in the storage area and therefore prevent anyone from being exposed to chemical inhalation. The operation is very simple as air is drawn over the whole storage area before being pulled through an activated carbon filter sited below the cabinet to remove fumes before being returning air back into the room.

Cabinets are supplied without the main filter as this is determined by the application or chemicals stored.

Choose from GP (General Purpose Activated Carbon), FOR (Formaldehyde) ACI (Acids) ETH (Ether) SUL (Sulphuric Acids) AMM (Ammonia), HEPA (for fine dusts) or Custom (Mixed filter – 2 blends).

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Additional information

Construction Material

Epoxy Coated Steel

Dimensions (H x W x D)

CSC-86S = 600mm x 860mm x 600mm CSC-86T = 1800mm x 860mm x 600mm

Electrical Data (Voltage)

230v / Single Phase

Flow Rate


Noise Level


Pre-Filter Efficiency



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