RP and RPL Downflow Benches for Stone Dusts

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    The RP and RPL Downflow Bench is a dust extraction solution for industries and application which generate course or heavy dusts – such as Silica and Stone dust (brick, slate etc).

    The RP Cartridge filters are cleaned quickly by the inbuilt reverse pulse jet system. The pulse jet system emits a short burst of compressed air to clean excess dust off the filters. The RP Bench has dust collection trays underneath the filters to collect the dust cakes after filter cleaning, allowing for easy disposal.


    • Aggregate and Silica Dusts
    • Heavier Dust Loads
    • Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) trimming and finishing
    • Dry stone cutting, ceramics
    • And More

    Standard Features

    • Several Sizes Available
    • Open Working Area
    • Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning
    • Heavy duty
    • Dust bins
    • 230v Plug and Play
    • Airline Required


    • Speed Control
    • HEPA Filters
    • Castors
    • Airline Interlink
    • Timed Adjustment
    • Enclosures
    • Racking


    Intelligent Pulse Jet Control works via an easy two button operation – Green to go; Red to stop; Hold Green to clean filters (airline required).

    This ‘RP’ bench configuration is specified for extraction of non-exploding dusts with a relatively large particle size in the range of 5-10 microns. Sample applications include dry stone cutting, trimming and fettling of plastics, atmospheric dusts, Silica flour or similar powder weighing and processing, GRP trimming and finishing, and ceramics.

    The RP Bench can be fitted with an H13 HEPA filter as well for increased level of filtration for finer dusts (RPL).


    ModelDimensions (mm)Ventilated Area (mm)
    V400-RP12121270 x 1300 x 9001200 x 900
    V400-RP19201950 x 960 x 9001200 x 900
    V400-RPL12121950 x 1300 x 9001200 x 900


    Filter TypePre FilterMain FilterApplications
    M – Stone Dusts NoHigh Volume CartridgesAggregates, Silica, Ceramics, Stone, Plastics, GRP, Atmospheric Dusts or Similar
    N – Stone and Aggregate DustsNoHigh Volume Cartridges and H13 HEPA 99.99% @ 0.3 MicronsAggregates, Silica, Ceramics, Stone, Plastics, GRP and similar


    Additional information


    230v Single Phase EC Fans

    1.25kW Motor on all models


    Powder Coated Grey 2mm Steel


    4250 m3/hr on all models

    Noise Level

    70dBA at 1mtr


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