Meet the Team: Introducing Andy and Barry! 

With life finally getting back to normality, here at VODEX we’ve been expanding our team in anticipation of busy times ahead.

In this post, we say hello to two of the newest recruits in our sales and product divisions.

Andrew Cotton, Product Manager

Andrew Cotton

Andy has a long career history, first at British Aerospace followed by OK Industries, where he first met VODEX co-founder Paul Riddick. “Paul obviously went off to different things which resulted in VODEX,” he says. “I stayed with OK for 20 years in various roles before I left for BOFA in 2015, then spent a couple of years in the security industry, then met up with Paul again who told me VODEX had an opening!”

Asked what attracted him to the VODEX role, he cites the opportunity presented by the Covid-19. “The pandemic was obviously a respiratory illness, which lent itself to people looking at fume extraction – somewhere I’ve spent 20 years of my career. Having said that, we don’t do air purification here; we do fume extraction. But we do have full availability of fume extraction solutions, and new products on the horizon, which are pretty exciting.

“For instance, we have a new DentalAIR® unit in development,” he continues. “Obviously, the greatest risk to dentist’s and patients’ health over the last 12 months has been the risk of transmitting Covid from patient to dentist or dental nurse. The way fume extraction works is it captures at source, rather than remove that once it’s in the air.

“The current government guidelines are to have a fallow time between patient appointments of up to an hour before the Covid-carrying particulate falls to the ground,” he explains. “By using capture-at-source extraction, they can get that down to 10 minutes.

“So, I’m of course looking forward to a new chapter, and to helping the business grow,” he says. “But what I really love is that I’m involved in a business that helps protect people’s health, and can help places like dental practices see five or six times as many patients and keep themselves going.”

Barry Caesar, Sales Manager

Barry CaesarIt’s early days at VODEX for Barry, who at the time of writing is in only his fourth week with the company. “I was previously with BOFA as well,” he says. “It felt like a family when I started there and it grew considerably and changed a lot in the nine years I was there,” he explains. “I’ve known the VODEX brand for a long time, and I see this as a chance to get back to those family values and doing what I do best: solving people’s problems.”

“Normally, my job would involve a site visit,” he continues. “But with Covid, that’s changed. Much can be done these days by phone, by email, by Teams and similar. But for every application, there’s a solution, and we’re here to apply it.”When asked about the types of problems, he explains: “Well, we’re in the dust and fume extraction business. Manufacturing has dust and fume issues of all types. We’re here to solve them, basically!

“This definitely isn’t selling for the sake of selling,” he says. “You’ve got to know what the problem is to be able to apply a solution. That’s where the art lies, I guess you could say.

“It’s great knowing you’ve helped solve somebody’s health problems. We’re basically protecting lives at the end of the day. I get a lot of satisfaction out of that,” he smiles.

“We’re not just trying to sell boxes here. We can turn our hand to any number of suppliers that have been brought on over the years to help solve the fume and dust problems that people have in their business. So when people come to us, it’s a case of finding the right combination and put it in the field.

“It’s an exciting time to be here,” he reflects. “We have a new team, a very educated team. I’ve been in dust and fume basically all my life, since the 1980s, and I feel like I’m in a great place. When I was at BOFA, VODEX was one of the biggest distributors of our products. Now I’m here, hopefully, I can add to that success and help grow things even further!”

Needs a solution to a fume or dust problem?

Get in touch with our team here, or call our team on 01489 899 070.

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