Here at VODEX we’ve been gearing up for exciting times ahead by adding new faces to our team, helping us to meet demand for myriad fume and dust extraction systems as the world gets back to normal.

In this blog post we meet the latest additions to our order admin and accounts departments.

Taz Coombs, Purchasing Processor

If you’ve had an email recently from our order admin team, there’s a very good chance it came from Taz.

“At the moment I’m processing customer orders, dispatching stocks, and speaking to new customers over the phone. I was at Rosemead Developments before and did marketing administration there. It was lots of speaking with builders; material suppliers; health and safety – that sort of thing.

“Admin-wise and in terms of purchasing materials, there’s a lot of cross-over – and in terms of the safety focus. However, the customers here are completely different. With Covid I wasn’t sure what would happen in the construction industry, so I jumped at the chance to join a place I knew would be a great opportunity.

Taz headshot

“I’m really enjoying it here so far. It was a bit of challenge at first because I got Covid myself early on – so it was a bit of a broken start as things go, having a couple of weeks off unexpectedly! Thankfully Covid wasn’t too bad for me – it was like the worst flu I’ve had, but I was otherwise fine.

“Of course, VODEX is all about protecting people from airborne pollutants and the kind of particles that can carry things like Covid. So it’s nice to think I’ve been on one side of it and now I process orders that help to protect people from getting it themselves.

Asked what she’s most excited about, she cites the fresh start she’s currently enjoying. “Just the opportunity to work in a new industry really. VODEX uses entirely different systems, and the culture here is really nice. I’ve been asking lots of questions and everyone has been really helpful. I don’t feel pressured or like I can’t ask anything. It’s friendly and quite relaxed.

“I’ve also been given an overview of the business and what it’s all about. With the sheer amount of products it seemed quite daunting at first, but practically everyone in the office has been able to give me explanations when I’ve been learning.

“It’s obviously very important people aren’t inhaling dangerous gases and chemicals, so people here are interested more in the best option for people’s safety rather than what looks best. It’s ‘what’s the best for the customer’s safety.’ I love that I’m part of a team that thinks that way, and that I get to think like that here too.”

Karen Bye, Finance Manager

Working diligently behind the scenes to balance the books, Karen is responsible for all things relating to the cashflow that keeps our business running!

“Our customers will probably know me because I’m the one chasing them for money!” she laughs.

“I’ve known [VODEX co-founder] Paola for a long time and the opportunity came up to work with her, so I couldn’t turn it down,” she continues. “I was at Rosemead with Taz before, where I was Finance Director. The role here is the same sort of environment, but it’s a new sector and a chance to learn new things, which is quite exciting.

“I’ve had 21 years working in accounts so it’s nice to be able to come somewhere new, bring that experience, and use it to add value. I’ve been here about six weeks and I’m already putting new procedures in place that will help us for the future. It’s quite satisfying really.

“It’s been really enjoyable so far,” she adds. “It’s a nice environment, a nice bunch of people and everybody pulls together. I haven’t had the deep-dive on the new products yet but I’ve known Poala so long that I know all about what the business is about. The team here really cares about people’s safety and they believe the products they offer are better for that than others on the market.

“I think the thing I really like about being at VODEX is that the products will help businesses to get back to how they were before the pandemic. Learning a new accounts package is also nice, and the business is going in exciting places. I’m just glad I get to join everyone here on that journey.”

Need to keep your employees safe from harmful dust and fumes?

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