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    Technology and software development are not industries one would associate with fumes and dust. However, having proper extraction solutions for these is extremely important.

    While you may think computers and technology operate in a pristine, dust-free office, that’s only the case if you have the right dust extraction solution in place.

    Computers tend to attract a lot of dust. This is because they create an electric field that acts as a magnet for all kinds of airborne particles. Another way this industry generates dust is through printing.

    3D printers generate a lot of dust as well as fumes. Even paper printing creates paper dust in some amount, which can accumulate in the area over time.

    This dust is bad for the computer itself. If it gets into the components, it causes wear and tear. It also prevents proper cooling, so the machines run the risk of overheating.

    However, the biggest risk is to human health. Different kinds of dust, when inhaled over a period of time, can cause health problems. These problems can range from mild irritation and hay fever, to various forms of cancer, among other things.

    In addition to dust, computers also give off harmful fumes. These are generally due to the flame-retardant chemicals used in computer components. The problem with these is that while they are in very small quantities, they tend to accumulate inside the body. This means the longer you are exposed to them, the more they affect you.

    At Vodex, we offer a range of products designed for fume and dust extraction for technology and software development. We also help our customers with custom solutions so talk to us about your needs.