BOFA 3D PrintPRO 4 Extraction System

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The BOFA 3D PrintPRO 4 is the largest model in the BOFA PrintPRO range. Offering higher filter capacity than the PrintPRO 2, the PrintPRO 4 is ideal for closed 3D printers (via an extraction take off port). The PrintPRO 4 combines adjustable airspeeds with highly efficient filters.

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The BOFA 3D PrintPRO 4 is a high performance fume extraction and filter system for use with  large enclosed 3D printers. The 3D PrintPRO 4 has the added feature of being able to return the ultra clean, filtered air either back to the printer enclosure for a cleaner print area or back in to the work place. Including 3 stage, advanced filter technology of BOFA’s DeepPleat Pre Filter, HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Filter and Advanced Carbon Filtration for 99.997% effective filtration down to 0.3 Microns.

  • Medium to high Volume 3D printing
  • Closed 3D printers
  • Ideal for components and prototyping
  • Multi-Stage Filters
  • Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter and Carbon (gas) Filter
  • Compact and Self Contained
  • Speed controllable
  • Filter monitor gage
  • Replaceable filters
  • 230v Plug and Play
  • 24v Stop/ Start Interface

The BOFA 3D PrintPRO 4 is free standing and portable, allowing you to easily move it around the working area as required from printer to printer. The integrated speed control allows you to quickly adjust the PrintPro 4’s performance to suit the 3D printer it is connected to.

All of these features, combined with a high airflow rate make the BOFA 3D PrintPRO 4 a comprehensive and effective extraction solution for almost any large scale 3D printing application.

The BOFA PrintPRO 4 complies with HSE and COSHH requirements for controlling airborne contaminates in the work place.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 67 cm


Construction Material

Powder Coated (PC)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

677mm x 77mm x 420mm

Electrical Data (Voltage)

115v (USA) / 230v (UK/EU)

Flow Rate


HEPA/GAS Filter Efficiency

99.997% @ 0.3 microns

Inlet/Outlet Size

50mm Inlet & Outlet

Noise Level


Pre-Filter Efficiency

F8 (95% @ 0.9 microns)


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