BOFA Pure Beauty Replacement Main/Carbon Filter

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This is a replacement main filter for the BOFA Pure Beauty 90 & 180 Extraction Systems.  These filters can be changed easily by the end user in situ.

Please take care when changing old, saturated filters for new ones.
Please use Personal Protective Equipment and consult with your local
authority for correct disposal of saturated filters.

Not sure which filters you need? Not sure how to change the filters? Then simply give us a call and we are on hand to help. Contact us for more information

Dust from Nail Filing, Grinding, Acrylic Nails and fumes from Solvents such as Acetone, EMA and other Ketones, Hair Smoothing treatments and Bleaching treatments can cause damage to the lungs or can result in health conditions such as occupational asthma.


Typical Hazardous Chemicals Used and Potential Health Risks:

Acetone (nail polish remover): headaches; dizziness; and irritated eyes, skin, and throat.

Acetonitrile (fingernail glue remover): irritated nose and throat; breathing problems; nausea; vomiting; weakness; and exhaustion.

Butyl acetate (nail polish, nail polish remover): headaches and irritated eyes, skin, nose, mouth, and throat

Cyanoacrylate (nail glue and eyelash adhesion): irritated eyes, skin and throat. Difficulty breathing including coughing, asthma-like attacks and wheezing as well as allergic reactions.

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), (nail polish): nausea and irritated eyes, skin, nose, mouth, and throat. Long-term exposures to high concentrations may cause other serious effects.

Ethyl acetate (nail polish, nail polish remover, fingernail glue): irritated eyes, stomach, skin, nose, mouth, and throat; high levels can cause fainting.

Ethyl methacrylate (EMA), (artificial nail liquid): asthma; irritated eyes, skin, nose, and mouth; difficulty concentrating. Exposures while pregnant may affect your child.

Formaldehyde can cause cancer.

Isopropyl acetate (nail polish, nail polish remover): sleepiness, and irritated eyes, nose, and throat.

Methacrylic acid (nail primer): skin burns and irritated eyes, skin, nose, mouth, and throat. At higher concentrations, this chemical can cause difficulty breathing.

Methyl methacrylate (MMA), (artificial nail products, though banned for use in many countries): asthma; irritated eyes, skin, nose, and mouth; difficulty concentrating; loss of smell.

Quaternary ammonium compounds (disinfectants): irritated skin and nose and may cause asthma.

Toluene (nail polish, fingernail glue): Headaches, Dizziness, and Numbness; irritated eyes, nose, throat, and lungs; damage to liver and kidneys; and harm to unborn children during pregnancy.

Toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate are sometimes referred to in the industry as the “toxic trio”. Formaldehyde (nail polish, nail hardener): difficulty breathing, including coughing, asthma-like attacks, and wheezing; allergic reactions; irritated eyes, skin, and throat.

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 19 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD)

190 x 250 x 250mm

Treated Activated Carbon


Filter Housing

Zintec Mild Steel


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