Chevron Digital Air Flow Indicator

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One problem with analogue mechanical pressure gauges is that they are supplied with a pre-set measurement range. They often have fixed green and red regions, but the significance of the region boundaries is not always clear. One solution is to fit airflow indicators that have been specifically designed for fitting to LEV systems. By using the correct indicators, installation and set-up can be carried out at the same time as the LEV is being installed and commissioned, or easily retro-fitted to existing installations. With this in mind the Chevron has been developed – a user-friendly, highly visible electronic, digital airflow indicator, that provides the best solution to LEV airflow monitoring requirements. This makes it easier and more cost-effective too.

Applications range from welding fume capture and wood dust control to schools’ ducted fume cupboards and soldering station extractors.
Chevron Features:
  • 200 to 2000 Pascal Range – One for all applications
  • Easy to FIT
  • Easy to CALIBRATE
  • Easy to USE
  • Easy to AFFORD

Supplied complete with connection hose and fitting for most ducting installation requirements.

Easier to Fit. The Chevron can be fitted either to the duct or to a suitable surface or structure using banding, self-tapping screws, nuts and bolts or any way you prefer. It only weighs 125g, so lightweight fittings can be used.

Easier to calibrate. You only need one type of Chevron. You don’t need to know the static pressure inside the duct. As long as it’s sufficient to pull air at a high enough extraction speed, the Chevron will monitor the pressure and react accordingly. A simple calibration procedure is carried out, with the unit in situ, when you know the airflow is correct. It’s a breeze. For more details on Installation and Calibration, download the Installation Guide.

Easier to Use. The Chevron is highly visible and attention-grabbing, and has a continuously moving display to indicate either adequate or insufficient airflow. The user has no difficulty reading the display with just a glance. If the fan fails, or the duct gets damaged, or if a blockage reduces the duct airflow, the Chevron will tell you – unambiguously.
Easier to Afford. Constantly measuring and remeasuring static pressure as the LEV is commissioned and balanced is an arduous and time-consuming task. Changes to the system, such as adding in new hoods, or increasing or balancing existing air velocities requires repeating the process, taking further precious time. Because the Chevron can be re-calibrated quickly and as often as you need, you save time and money.
* ‘Controlling airborne contaminants at work: A guide to local exhaust ventilation’   is an HSE publication – commonly know as HSG258 – that sets out guidelines for designers and users of LEV. One recommendation set out in this document is that ‘Employers need to ensure that LEV systems continue to work properly. There are several ways of checking this […] the simplest way is probably to use an airflow indicator. […] This will give the operator a simple indication that the hood is working properly‘

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