ESD Bench Top Ionisers

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Ionisers are useful in preventing electrostatic charge generation, Electro-static Discharge, Electro-static Attraction, as well as preventing equipment latch-up. Per ANSI/ESD S20.20 section Protected Areas Requirement states: “Ionisation or other charge mitigating techniques shall be used at the workstation to neutralise electrostatic fields on all process essential insulators if the electrostatic field is considered a threat.”

“Air ionisation can neutralise the static charge on insulated and isolated objects by producing separate charges in the molecules of the gases of the surrounding air. When an electrostatic charge is present on objects in the work environment, it will be neutralised by attracting opposite polarity charges from the ionised air.”

The ioniser can be placed either on the work bench surface, on a shelf or wall mounted. The ioniser is most effective 12 – 48cm away with its neutralizing charge time increasing the further away the ESDS is from the ioniser.

Note that ionisation systems should not be used as a primary means of charge control on conductors or people. (Reference: EN 61340-5-2:1 clause 5.2.9)

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