KEMPER AirWatch Air Monitoring System

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    The KEMPER AirWatch is a unique Air Monitoring System. The AirWatch actively monitors and documents the air quality/dust concentration in an area.

    The AirWatch can be deployed in workshops, warehouse, production areas and more. Using 3G/ Global Cloud Connectivity the AirWatch can easily provide real time reports to most Smart Phones, Tablets or PC’s.

    The documented read out displays the Particle Count, Size Distribution, PM 2.5, PM 10, Air Humidity and Air Temperature – directly to your connected device. To aid workers on the ground the KEMPER AirWatch Air Monitoring System also includes an easy to read, LED illumination area (green, yellow, red) to quickly display if the air becomes potentially harmful to breath.

    The AirWatch uses visual and laser-based measurement methods and can detect particles down to 0.1 microns with dust concentrations from 0mg per m3 to approx. 15mg per m3.

    The KEMPER Cloud technology ensures your data is protected – as is any device connected to receive data, and uses Quad-Band GHz ISM Frequency.

    Additional information

    Weight2.9 kg
    Dimensions12.8 × 34 cm
    Main Features

    Monitoring and Recording of Air Quality
    Easy to Read LED Signalling
    Data Accessible via Smartphone Tablet or PC
    Displays Particle Count – Size Distribution – PM2.5 – PM 10 – Humidity and Temperature on Connected Device


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