WallMaster Welding Filter

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The wall-mounted welding fume filtration system WallMaster is a cost-effective filter solution for the modular setup of extraction systems.

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The KEMPER WallMaster is a wall-mounted, welding smoke filter designed to be integrated into new or existing ducted extraction systems. The WallMaster is a compact, cost effective welding smoke filter. The KEMPER Safe-Change Filter system allows for contamination-free filter changes. The filter offers highly efficient filtration and a large capacity of 42m2

  • Retro-Fittable
  • Welding Smoke and Dust
  • For Ducted Extraction Systems
  • One or Two Workstations
  • Constant Use
  • Modular
  • Increased Safety
  • Safe Change Filters
  • Low Life to Cost Ratio
  • High Capacity Filters
  • Includes Filter Monitor
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • High Capacity
  • Safe Change Filters

Additional information


765mm x 715mm x 795mm @ 65kgs


Safe Change Filter with 42 sq. mtr of surface area.
E12 Efficiency Welding Filter. 99.5% Effective at 0.4 Microns


Suitable up to 1600m3/hr


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