Welding and Brazing Extractors

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  • AirBench FPW and FPT Welding and Grinding Downdraft Benches

  • KEMPER Dusty EVO Mobile Welding Extractor

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  • KEMPER Exhaust Arms

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  • Welding and Brazing Extractors

    The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is very clear on controlling the exposure to welding fumes. You legally have to protect workers from these dangers by removing their exposure to the fumes. This can easily be achieved with welding fume extraction systems.

    The hazards of welding fumes are well-known and well-documented. They contain a high level of vaporized solid particulates made up of the welding medium (rod or wire) and the material being welded. These fumes also contain toxic gases.

    Welding fume extraction solutions can be extractors that mount directly onto the torch (On-tool) or via extraction arms. It is strongly recommended that welding fume is extracted via a filtered extraction system to remove and collect the hazardous materials in the extracted air stream.

    Depending on the type of metal being welded and the welding media being used, the solid particulates can consist of:

    • Copper (metal fume fever)
    • Chromium (carcinogenic)
    • Nickel (increased risk of cancers, eye, nose and throat irritation, dermatitis and respiratory illnesses)
    • Cadmium Oxides (carcinogenic, kidney damage, emphysema, respiratory illness and more)
    • Iron Oxides (Siderosis)
    • Zinc and Manganese (Metal fume fever)

    The gases released can include Carbon Monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen oxides and Ozone, all of which pose a health risk with repeated exposure. With our extraction system, you can protect yourself and your workers from these harmful fumes and vapours.