KEMPER MaxiFil Stationary Welding Extractor

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MaxiFil smoke extraction units combine large filter capacities with contamination-free filter change. The comfortable filter unit easily handles applications with medium amounts of smoke and dust. The wall-mounted version is also compact and is ideal for regular use on location.

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The MaxiFil Stationary is a wall mounted welding fume extractor with a high capacity filter. The filter is a safe-change, contaminate-free. The MaxiFil stationary is designed to handle medium amounts of smoke and dust.

The wall mounted version of the MaxiFil is ideal for regular use and offers and great option for wall mounted welding extract arms. The MaxiFil Stationary includes W3 IFA Certification for the capture and filtration of carcinogenic material in welding fume and has options for 2 – 7 mtr extraction arms.

  • Welding Smoke and Dust
  • Medium Levels of Smoke and Dust
  • Suitable for High Alloy Steel
  • Regular or Constant Use
  • 360 degree rotating exhaust hood with damper
  • W3 IFA Certified
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Safe-Change Filter
  • Control Box Included
  • Wall Mounted – Provided Unwired with some installation required
  • 2m – 7m Arm Lengths

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1533 x 776 x 1229mm @ 125kgs (excluding arm)


1.5kW Motor, 3 x 400v / 50Hz 3.1A


2 Stage Disposable Safe Change Filters
42m2 approx. surface area
Non-Woven Polyester Material
E12 99.5% @ 0.4 Microns efficiency


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