VODEX is a company that began with two people’s desire to keep people safe from fumes and harmful types of dust in the workplace. We understand the importance of fume and dust extractors for the electronics industry. Why is this relevant?

Because, we have clients from a range of different industries, including those in electronics manufacture. Some of these clients have been asked to manufacture products for the Covid-19 situation, and we are proud to support them!

How can we help them? By providing them with the equipment to keep their products, and more importantly, their employees, safe.

Why are Extractors Important in Electronic Workshops?

Electronics manufacture is done in a closed environment to reduce the amount of humidity as well as dust. In fact, dust extraction is a requirement to protect sensitive electronic components. This is why we supply dust extraction systems for the electronics industry.

However, whilst the closed (dust-free) room is great for the electronic components, the same cannot be said about the humans in the room.

Chemical Fumes

Fume extraction is important in the electronics industry because the manufacturing process involves the use of solvents, resins, and cleaning agents, all of which release fumes. These fumes may be harmless in small amounts but can cause health issues over the long term. The effect is further exacerbated in a closed environment where the vapours can build up.

Solder Fumes

Electronics manufacturing may require additional processes like soldering. Soldering is a process where small components are joined together using molten metal, which is melted using a soldering iron.

One of the common by-products of soldering is colophony fumes, which is rosin (a product made from tree sap) vapour, created from the soldering flux. In addition, the solder fumes may also contain metal vapour and particles.

These fumes can cause irreparable damage to the workers’ organs over time and make it necessary for the electronics industry to invest in fume extraction.

Solder fumes

How Do We Protect the Electronic Components?

Whilst there is a risk to people’s health in electronics manufacture, the components aren’t completely safe either. Certain types of electronics parts are susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge.

What is electrostatic discharge? It’s the charge that builds up between two bodies when they rub against each other – like on a balloon when rubbed against fur, or on our body when rubbed against anything including clothing and carpets on a very dry day.

Since we already mentioned how electronics manufacturing areas need to be moisture-free, you could see how these workplaces would be conducive to static charge build-up.

People can carry this charge until they touch a conducting object and get a minor shock. For us, that is very minor discomfort, but for electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) devices and equipment, that can be a death sentence.

To protect them from ESD, you need to set up an ESD-safe workstation. This requires ESD protective equipment.

At VODEX, we offer a range of protective equipment, ranging from ESD clothing, workbenches, shoes, and flooring. All of these are designed to reduce or eliminate ESD build-up, keeping electronic components safe from static damage.

With our products, we help our electronics manufacturing clients stay safe from the by-products of the processes as well as keeping their products safe from damage. If you need any help finding the right fume and dust extraction product or advice on ESD products, send us an email. We will be happy to help you.

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