BOFA 75mm ESD Stay Put Arm

Flexible extraction arms are used to capture fumes “at source”, and if used correctly, they can be an efficient method of preventing exposure to hazardous fumes and vapours in the workplace.

The correct choice of capture device is critical for effective fume extraction. The 75mm flexi arm range offers the user a choice of arms and nozzles depending upon the application. Please call us for more help and free advice if you are unsure which to choose. NOTE: Some BOFA products – such as the V200 and V250, and PB90 and PB180 – already INCLUDE arm kits!

Fixing the arms to the bench or table can be via a bench bracket and clamps. A 75mm flexible hose then connects the arm to the pump unit, which normally sits close by.

The flexi arm is 1090mm long (nozzle included at 90mm)

Available Options:

– 1m x 75mm Unit Mounting Arm with Funnel Nozzle (Inc. Hose Clip)

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Arm Length

1m / 0.6m

Connection Type

Unit Mounting / Bench Mounting




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