ESD Surface Resistivity Kit

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A Surface Resistance test Kit for Testing surfaces in an ESD/ EPA safe area. Ideal for surfaces such as ESD Floors (painted, tiles, vinyl or carpet). Process monitoring (measurements) should be conducted in accordance with the EPA Compliance Verification Plan.

How to use the kit:

  1. Check that a good quality Alkaline PP3 battery is fitted; the battery compartment is located at the rear of the enclosure. If at any time the battery voltage drops below 6.5 volts the Blue battery low indicator will light.
  2. Insert the 2 x 3.5mm Jack plug test leads into the 2 x 3.5mm Jack sockets located on the top panel of the meter.
  3. Connect the two 2.5 kilo (51b) weights, to the other end of the test leads via the 4mm banana plugs (Red & Black). Place the weights gently onto the surface that requires testing, and press the test button. The Resistance of the surface under test will be displayed in Ohms. GREEN LED’s will indicate a Conductive reading and the measurement is taken at a test voltage of 10 volts. The YELLOW / ORANGE LED’s indicates dissipative. These measurements are taken automatically at a test voltage of 100 volts. The RED segment indicates Insulative
  4. The Black conductive carry case comes with carrying handle and is lined with conductive foam.

Method of Measurement: 

Surface Resistivity:-              (Ohms per square)

Point to Point Resistance (Ohms)

Accuracy:-             +/- 0.5 Decade in Conductive Range

+/- 0.25 Decades in Dissipative Range

Method of operation:-             Push button


LED Indicators: 

103  to 105  = Green  (conductive)

3 x 105  to 109 = Yellow (Dissipative)

3 x 109  to 1010 = Orange (Dissipative)

1012+ = Red (Insulative).



Standard Tin Copper Mesh, 52mm length

CE approved with the requirements of BS EN 61340-5

Additional information

Weight 12 kg


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