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    Anti-fatigue floor coverings play a significant role in promoting employee health, safety and productivity in the workplace. Yet traditional solutions of loose-laid anti-fatigue matting often cause their own safety issues. Corners curl under trolley and cage traffic, creating unnecessary trip hazards themselves.

    Ecotile have developed a range of soft anti-fatigue interlocking floor tiles which insert straight in to the Ecotile modular flooring system. Combining industrial floor tiles with soft anti-fatigue tiles quickly creates dual-purpose areas, with a flat, uninterrupted no-trip floor finish for increased safety.

    Where controlling static is essential, the Ecotile ESD anti-fatigue tile provides the same level of static control as their original ESD tiles. Plus they also deliver a softer, more comfortable workspace for employees standing for extended periods in ESD-controlled environments.

    Use within an ESD Ecotile modular floor to create an uninterrupted no-trip floor finish. Use standard ESD for all areas and integrated ESD soft anti-fatigue floor tiles around workstations and where your employees need them the most.

    Can be used for unusual non-standard layouts around machinery eliminating the need for loose ESD anti-fatigue matting.

    Easily lift and move to other areas of your Ecotile floor system should you need to change your operational layout.

    Using ESD soft anti-fatigue flooring is an investment in the well-being and productivity of employees, and it can contribute to creating a safer and more comfortable workplace.


    Features and benefits.

    • ESD performance never fades
    • Shore rating of 62 standard ISO shore A (soft) for a more comfortable performance (Vs 92 for original Ecotile ESD floor tiles)
    • Provides traceable path to ground ((> 3.4 x 10⁴Ω and ≤ 5.0 x 10⁶Ω) & Prevents static generation (<100 volts)
    • Reduced fatigue discomfort
    • No glue or adhesives are required, simply lay and use
    • Available in 7mm black smooth surface finish
    • Tested to meet international standards for ESD floors including BS EN 61340-5-1 & IEC 61340-5-1
    • Prevention of musculoskeletal disorder
    • Improved productivity
    • Enhanced safety
    • Improved circulation
    • Customisable and versatile
    • Insulation from cold floors
    • Easy maintenance and installation
    • Uninterrupted floor finish


    NOTE: Please be aware that the stainless steel fibres may be visible on the surface of the tile, this is unavoidable and a fundamental part of the manufacturing process that ensures optimum ESD performance.

    For customers who have the original T Profile tiles, we can still supply this option if required. Call for more info.

    Additional information


    >3.4 104Ω and ≤ 5.0 x 106Ω

    Body Voltage

    <100 Volts


    497mm x 497mm





    Slip Resistance


    Fire Performance


    Chemical Resistance

    Good EN 13529


    BS 61340-5-1: 2001 and IEC 61340


    Tiles laid on conductive tape and grounded to earth via a studded tile; one per 50-100 sq/m


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