ESD Stainless Steel Arms for Flip Top

These stainless steel arms are ideal for applications that include heated or corrosive processes. Soldering, Brazing and small spot welding is a prime example. Normal Stay Put Flexi arms are made of plastic and these can potentially melt during these processes.

The stainless steel arm is also ideal for ESD Safe/ EPA Areas, Clean Areas, Medical Areas an Food Prep Areas as the steel can be grounded as part of an ESD control program. Stainless steel extraction arms also offer a better aesthetic than standard Stay-Put Arms.

These flexible fume extraction arms are heat proof stainless steel, designed to fit the BOFA bench top, flip seal, installation kit.

Not sure if these extraction arms will fit your unit? Call us today on 01489 899070and we will be happy to help.


Nozzle Options:

  • Pen Nib
  • Funnel

Additional information

Weight 6 kg


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