£66.00 Incl. VAT

£66.00 Incl. VAT



Portable tester for checking the continuity of fitted wrist strap and cords. This unit has a 4mm banana socket and 10mm male stud (Requires a 9v battery). The unit can be used on its own (WST1) or can be purchased as a complete wall mounted test station – WST2.


A unique checker that measures the resistance of wrist straps and if wall mounted heel straps, at between 750 kilohms to 35 meg ohms, meeting EN IEC 61340 specifications.

Complete Test Station includes:

  • Test Meter (WST1)
  • Wall Mount Board
  • 150mm cord (0 Meg Ohm)
  • 9v Battery.

Please Note – A footplate can be added to make this a full Test Station V752-WST3

How to test:

When testing, the operator simply connects to the test via the 4mm banana plug socket. To test make finger contact with the stainless steel push button, and “press to test”. A green LED will illuminate for pass or the red LED will illuminate for fail. An audible buzzer will sound if the red fail LED illuminates. If the resistance through the coil cord wrist band and person exceeds 35 meg ohms the red fail LED will light, if the resistance is below 750 kilohms the red fail LED will light. If the 9 volt PP3 battery falls below 6.5 volts during test the yellow battery low LED will light. WST1 can be powered by a 9 volt PP3 alkaline battery.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg



+/- 10%

Dimensions (H x W x D)

130mm x 70mm x 25mm (Tester Dimensions)

Electrical Data (Voltage)

9v Supply – PP3 Alkaline Battery

Operating Temperature Range

5oC – 49oC (40oF – 120oF) Storage: -15oC to +60oC

Relative Humidity

0% – 90% (Non-Condensing)


+/- 10%

Test Voltage Nominal

9v Stepped to 100v


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