ESD Earth Bonding Brackets

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The LSBP L-Shape bracket, has been designed to fit under the front edge of a work bench, rack trolley or other area, within reach of an operators wrist strap cord or other connecting cords that require grounding. This prevents the bracket from obstructing the work area. The raised plastic shoulders make installation quick and easy with screw holes 90mm apart.

The bracket has angled slots for easy adjustment when fixing, in position with the M5 screws supplied.  When in position the black earth cord needs to be connected to a suitable earth, or directly to a dedicated EF earth facility (See our product V744-EFB1)

The L-Shape bracket is 70 x 38 x 24mm in size and made from yellow ABS with radius corners to prevent any chance of snagging. The bracket has a rear cover to prevent access to the resistors. A spare ring terminal is supplied in case the cord needs to be shortened.

Many connector options are available (contact us for options). Most common are 3 x 10mm studs or 3 x 4mm banana sockets. Each earth contact is protected by a 1M ohm resistor installed behind the rear cover. Should the workstation ever accidently become live the resistor will limit the current to less than 0.3mA at 240 volts.

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