ESD Earth Facility Brackets

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EN 61340-5 shows the following fundamental differences between an earth facility and an earth bonding point :

An earth facility EF is the central connecting point for the electrical mains earth or a dedicated ESD earth, within an EPA, (Electrostatic protected area)

An (EBP) earth bonding point can be used to ground bench matting floor matting wrist straps etc together so as to be at the same electrical potential.

It is important to remember that in any EPA there can be many EBP’s but there must only be one EF Earth facility connection.

Designated grounding point for earth bonding points, and able to accept several wire connections. ESD identification silk screened as per EN 61340-5

Strain relief: Built in Easy mounting, with mounting screws supplied Spare M5 ring terminal to allow for possible cable shortening.

Supplied in an ESD safe pink antistatic bag.

“EPA ground cords shall be used to make electrical connections between groundable points and the EPA ground facility.” (EN 61340-5-1 section 5.3.4)

“The EPA ground facility shall be connected to EPA ground and provide a low resistance path to EPA ground (<2 ohms).

When available, the mains protective earth shall be used.

(EN 61340-5-1 section 5.3.2)

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