Replacement Filters for Economy Fume Cupboards

These replacement main filters are for our Economy Fume Cabinets. Models include the FC5-60, FC5-90 & FC5-120. Each filter is a deep bed filter. Carbon filter contains approximately 5kgs of Activated Carbon. Please ensure you select the correct filters for your application.

There are different formulations of Carbon Filters for different chemical vapours.

  • FC5-60 & FC5-90 Fume – Require x1 Filter.
  • FC5-120 – Require x2 Filters.

Standard Available Filters for the Advanced Fume Cabinet Range:

FCS-001    General Purpose – For some Acids, Alcohols, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons*, Aldehydes & Ketones, Ethers, Esters, Halogens, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Sulphur Compounds, Nitrgoen Compounds, and more.

FCS-012    Ammonia – Ammonia, Amines, Diethyl amine, Dimethyl, Amine, Ethyl amine, Pyridine

FCS-013    Aldehydes Acetaldehyde, Formaldehyde, Glutaradehyde

FCS-015    Acids – Aldehydes & Ketones, Halogens, Sulphur Compounds, Nitrogen Compounds

FCS-016    Sulphurs – Ethyl mercaptan, Hydrogen sulphate, Mercaptans, – High MW

FCS-030    Powders/Dust – light, dry chemical dusts and powders and some biological dusts


If you are not sure which filter you require please Contact us for more information

*Poorly adsorbed by all filters and therefore should only be used in small quantities.


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