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During many metal fabricating processes, filter systems often have to deal with large amounts of dust, glowing particles and flying sparks.

The KEMPER SparkTRAP is an inline pre-separator cylcone filter designed to separate sparks and even larger particles (e.g. hot swarf and chips) from the airstream before they reach the filter medium. This decreases the risk of filter fires significantly and prolongs the life span of the main filter.

How it works:

In the upstream swirl nozzle air is getting rotated. In the acceleration path that follows, the rotation speed increases up to 100 mph. Larger particles like sparks or other glowing objects are separated from the airstream and redirected into the nozzle where they are captured in a collection tank. The collection tank can be removed for disposal even while the unit is running.

The KEMPER SparkTRAP offers virtually complete separation of sparks and large particles, a reduction in the risk of filter fires to an absolute minimum, increased filter service life and a reduction of operating costs

The sparkTRAP is simple to install and works with existing duct work. The easy removal of the collection tank, even during operation reduces the system down time. Spark detection can be added to further reduce fire risk. OPTIONAL

  • Minimisation of fire hazards by pre-separating sparks and glowing particles
  • Drastic reduction of running costs due to longer filter life
  • Savings resulting from less compressed air consumption and lower energy costs
  • Easy integration also into existing systems of any type or brand

Applications & Features:

  • Integrated into and type or brand of duct work before extraction and filter units
  • During welding, grinding or cutting processes
  • Presence of sparks
  • Applications with an increased fire hazard
  • Swirl nozzle with annular gap spark trap
  • Separation of sparks, glowing particles and cigarette butts
  • Dust collection container and gate valve in the down pipe
  • Can be combined with a spark extinguishing system
  • Sensors for spark detection (optional)
  • Can be connected to the dust removal system DustEvac (optional)


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