KEMPER VacuFil 500

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    The KEMPER VacuFil 500 extraction system is a dedicated welding extraction unit. Designed for up to 4 work stations the VacuFil 500 has the option for either one Ø100 mm inlet or four Ø32 mm inlets providing the possibility of centrally extracting the contaminated air directly from where it is generated.

    With four suction ports, the KEMPER VacuFil 500 offers an at source extracting solution, removing the contaminated air directly as it is generated at the torch. Different workstations can be connected and exhausted centrally using piping systems. Both systems are equipped with a side channel compressor that remains effective even under extreme conditions.

    The KEMPER VacuFil 500 system can be used in almost any metalworking application. It is especially flexible when used with welding torches with integrated extraction and makes updating of the extraction elements unnecessary. Naturally, all sorts of nozzles, high vacuum exhaust arms or suction shields from the extensive range of accessories can be attached.

    Each rugged device has a 10 m² KemTex® ePTFE membrane filter cartridge, monitored by the electronic control system and, depending on the saturation level; it is automatically cleaned during operation. This is carried out by means of compressed air using a rotating nozzle. The compressed air tank for these is also   built-in, as is a large 40-litre dust collector.

    The VacuFil 500 high-vacuum extraction units is equipped with an automatic start / stop. With optional start / stop clamps, the high-vacuum extraction and filter unit can be switched on or off at four different locations.

    Included with either configuration:

    • Extraction plant with 16 A CEE socket, side channel compressor and start-/ stop module. This switches the ventilator on, or off, via a sensor connected to the earthing wire of the welding machine

    Additional information

    Weight500 kg


    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    1370mm x 655mm x 1200mm

    Electrical Data (Voltage)

    3x 400v / 50Hz

    Filter Efficiency


    Flow Rate


    Inlet/Outlet Size

    x1 100mm OR x4 45mm

    Motor Power


    Noise Level



    Max Low Pressure 2000 Pa

    Main Features

    High Levels of Smoke and Dust
    Dedicated Welding Extraction
    Non-Stop Operation
    x4 45mm ports
    Torch Extraction – Robot Extraction or Multi User Centralised Extraction
    Cleanable ePTFE Membrane Filter Cartridge


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