KEMPER SmartMaster Welding Extractor

£1,630.80 Incl. VAT

Additional information

Main Features

W3/IFA Certified
Handle with Cable Holder
3-Stage Filtration
Rotating Exhaust Hood
2m Exhaust Arm as Standard


The KEMPER SmartMaster Welding Extractor is specifically designed for the extraction of welding fume, smoke and dust. The SmartMaster is an entry level mobile unit is designed for occasional use with low amounts of dust and smoke.

The inclusive rotating and swivelling exhaust arm and hood enables use in a 360-degree radius and ensures the operator needs only make few adjustments during welding for the arm to remain effective. The KEMPER SmartMaster is IFA certified, using a W3 filter and is suitable for extraction welding fume and smoke from many metals including high alloy steel.

The SmartMaster has 3 stages of filtration, two pre-filters and a disposable main filter cassette. This multi-stage system offers a filter efficiency greater than 99.5%. The SmartMaster offers one of the best in-class performances to cost available on the market today. The SmartMaster has heavy duty castors on its base, making a portable welding extractor, easy to move around the workshop or site.

The KEMPER SmartMaster is a market leading welding smoke extractor and complies with HSE and COSHH requirements for controlling welding fume in the work place.

Ideal for:

  • Low to medium volume welding fume extractor
  • Single Operator/ welding station
  • Suitable for most metals including high alloy steel
  • Robust and built for industrial work shops

Av. Filter Life: For every 2 reels of Mig wire used change the pre filter, for every 10 reels used change the main filters.


  • Exhaust arm requires less adjustment due to exhaust hood design
  • Increased safety due to filter monitoring
  • Highly effective filtration with W3 IFA Filters

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D)

900mm x 705mm x 655mm

Electrical Data (Voltage)

1x 230v / 50Hz

Flow Rate


Motor Power


Noise Level



71kgs (Unit Only)

Filter Surface Media Area


Filter Efficiency


Main Features

W3/IFA Certified
Handle with Cable Holder
3-Stage Filtration
Rotating Exhaust Hood
2m Exhaust Arm as Standard


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