KEMPER MaxiFil Welding Extractor

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The MaxiFil welding smoke extraction units combine large filter capacities with contamination-free filter change. With their high mobility and an operating radius of 360 degrees, they are ideal for regular use. The flexible system easily handles applications with medium amounts of smoke and dust.

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The KEMPER MaxiFil Welding Extractor is a dedicated mobile extraction system that uses disposable filters for safe and easy disposal of dust and fumes. The MaxiFil filters are IFA W3 Approved for controlling the carcinogenic materials proven to be present in welding fume.

  • Suitable for High Alloy Steels
  • Welding Smoke and Dust
  • For Variable working Areas
  • Medium to Higher levels of Smoke and Dust
  • Constant Use
  • Increased Safety
  • W3 IFA Certified Filters
  • 360 degree Extraction Arm with Easy to Position Hood
  • 2 Stage High Capacity Filters
  • Mobile
  • Includes Filter Monitor
  • MaxiFil 2m Flexible Exhaust Arm
  • MaxiFil 3m Flexible Exhaust Arm
  • MaxiFil 4m Flexible Exhaust Arm
  • Automatic Start/Stop sensor with 5m cable

The inclusive, high grade welding extraction arm has 360-degree rotation, which can be positioned one handed. The MaxiFil  is ideal for heavy use and will easily handle jobs that produce high levels of smoke and dust.

The flexible exhaust arm length is available in 2 meter, 3 meter and 4 meter lengths, which combined with the mobility of the unit and the 360-degree rotation, ensures you can place the extraction hood just where you need it.

The filters are completely self-cleaning. Extracted dust is placed in a safe dust collection cartridge on the back of the unit. When the dust collection cartridge is full, the on-board monitoring system notifies the user. Simply remove the full dust collection cartridge and replace with a new one.

Additional information

Weight500 kg

1100 m3/hr


803 x 892 x 1109mm 126kgs


1.5kW motor 3 x 400 V / 50Hz 3.1A


2 Stage Disposable W3 IFA Certified Filters
Safe Change Filter Cassette 99.5% efficiency at 0.4 microns
Aluminium Pre-Filter


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